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It’s a familiar theme: Stress at work, your partner complains about too little time together, the children are whining and the desire to escape everyday life grows stronger by the minute. Leave everything behind and switch off for just a few days.

How about a romantic city break? Then look for a Last Minute Hotel in Munich. We can tell you what you need to look out for and how to turn your short break into a relaxing stay.


  • Preparation: Make plans before booking
  • Finding a hotel: Tips & Ideas
  • Packing your case: What should I take?
    • Packing your case: 5 days to departure
    • Packing your case: 3 days to departure
    • Packing your case: 1 day to departure
  • Departure: Re-check the following


First, you should consider how long you wish to travel for and which dates are possible. In order to help you find answers we have compiled a few questions for you:

  • Do you want to book a weekend break or a long weekend break?   
  • Can you and your partner get time off work?   
  • Do you have private or business appointments in this time and, if so, can these be postponed?   
  • Do you need to find a babysitter/dog-sitter?

Tips: Find a Last Minute Hotel in Munich

When you have chosen a date, you can start looking for a hotel. Note that the location of the hotel is important. In Munich especially, it makes sense to choose a central location. Usually on a city break, time is of the essence; it would therefore be a shame to spend your precious time on public transport, in taxis, or looking for a place to park. Find interesting offers e.g. with Hotel Dolomit Munich at Munich Central Station or with Hotel Cristal in Munich City Centre. Both hotels are located the heart of Munich, just a few minutes’ walk from the central station and the shopping precincts and are ideal for a last minute stay in Munich. We can also recommend portals such as, and Have you already checked for a Last Minute Hotel in Munich on one of these portals? Then don’t forget to look at the hotels’ own websites: after all, these hotel directories don’t always have the best offers!

I’m packing my suitcase and I’m taking…

If you have already set a date and booked a Last Minute Hotel in the centre of Munich – then take a moment to enjoy the anticipation! Because it’ll soon be time to plan the rest of your trip so that your Last Minute trip becomes a relaxing experience.

We have complied a brief guide for you that you can use as a check list to plan your trip. Here, you will find a host of useful tips, depending on how much time you have left before you leave for your Last Minute Holiday.

5 days left to your Last Minute Trip to Munich


  • Buy plane / train / bus tickets
    • Music oniPod/iPhone games
    • Buy or download books onto your eReader
    • Organise other entertainments/events
  • Or: Prepare car for the trip
    • Choose snow tyres/normal tyres (it can snow in Munich ;-)
    • Check tyre pressure
    • Top up window washer fluid
    • Pack sunglasses
    • Music oniPod/iPhone games
  • Check cheque card
    • Credit card and their validity
    • Driving licence
    • Passport/ID card and its validity
  • Internet research into tourist attractions in Munich. To this end, we have compiled a list of interesting sites for you
  • If you prefer the traditional approach, now’s the time to buy a guidebook and get stuck in!

Find great offers for short breaks and Last Minute Hotels in Munich here.

3 days to your Last Minute Holiday

As the tension grows… so does the anticipation! But have you thought of everything?

  • Has the hotel confirmed your reservations?
  • Have the plane/train/bus tickets arrived; is the car ready?
  • Do you wish to reserve a table for an evening meal, or book tickets for an event?
  • Have you made a note of the sights that you wish to see? (Note the opening times! In winter especially, you could otherwise be left out in the cold! (e.g., at the zoo))
  • Check the weather (the forecast is quite reliable these days)
  • Check that the contents of your suitcase are in good working order
  • Of course Munich has plenty of great shopping opportunities, but it would be annoying if, 30 minutes before you leave for the opera, you were to find that your high heels wobble and the lipstick in your clutch bag is no longer as intensely red as it once was.
  • Now’s the time to take a look at the contents of your suitcase! It’s best to lay out your clothes in the outfits you envisage and check that all is well. There’s still time to make last-minute adjustments.
  • How about cosmetics? Favourite shower gel/shampoo, hair dryer, makeup, razor… and don’t forget your toothbrush and sun cream!

1 day to your Last Minute Holiday

  • At least 1 pair of comfortable shoes for the city tour of Munich
  • Umbrella/raincoat
  • Evening outfit (have you planned to visit an opera, theatre or concert hall?)
  • City outfit (try to combine items so that you don’t have to take two of everything. For instance, choose a jacket that matches your evening outfit, but which can also be worn as a light jacket over a jumper the next day)
  • Rucksack or large bag for city map and drink
  • Sun glasses and sun cream
  • Cash

If you’ve been busy over the last few days, it’s time to put your feet up and look forward to your holiday. Otherwise, we recommend that you go through the tips once more from the start.

Shortly before departure

Your Last Minute Hotel in Munich awaits you. High time to check once again if you have packed all the important things:    

  • Reservation confirmation from the hotel in Munich
  • Tickets (plane, train, bus)
  • Credit cards, passport/ID card, driving licence
  • Wallet
  • iPod/MP3 Player, personal electronic items
  • And two further “must-haves” we recommend:
    • A folding umbrella so that a small shower does no harm
    • Plasters for blisters

Now nothing should stand between you and your holiday.
We wish you a great stay in your Last Minute Hotel in the heart of Munich.

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